The Dance Day took place at Explora on April 4th as part of the dissemination programme for the MAP TO THE STARS project. The event was dedicated to school managers, teachers and trainers to learn more about the potential of the app as a tool that helps introduce body movement in class, stimulate creativity in children aged from 8 to 12 years and promote experience sharing among schools.
The event opened with a dance performance by the pupils from classes IV A and IV B of Guido Alessi primary school and class IV A of Villaggio Olimpico, both being part of the Istituto Comprensivo Via Micheli of Rome.
More than 60 pupils danced to the music by Yann Tiersen and Another Day of Sun taken from the La La Land movie soundtrack, reproducing with their movements the app’s lesson plans “I am Architecture”, “The Art of Movement” and “The Sound of Movement”.
After the performance, the meeting continued with some contributions aimed at introducing the app and the project.
The first part, run by Anna Codazzi, in charge of the Explora National, European and International Projects, introduced the project through the partners involved, the international goals and the various phases from September 2017.
The second part was conducted by the teachers from the Guido Alessi school who reported about the project carried out in their classes and underlined an important aspect, i.e., the multidisciplinary contents of each of the app’s lesson plans, which allow teachers to learn more about curriculum subjects and expand through multiple developments.
Then, Paolo De Gasperis, in charge of the Explora Digital and Web area, took the floor to describe the more technical side of the app, analysing the graphical user interface and the choice of each lesson plan.
The Dance Day event was closed by Arts at school: how to get primary school pupils to know the artistic and cultural heritage, by Maria Giovanna Sarti, Funzionario Storico dell’Arte, Servizio educativo Galleria Borghese, who specifically proved that the Italian Constitution itself promotes the development of culture and scientific and technical research, identifying a potential hub in the School-Museum combination.

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